About Us

Founded in 2014 The Miracle League of Florence County offers a modified style of baseball for participants with disabilities and special needs. All games are played on our custom rubber-surface field built in 2017. The first season in 2014 had 4 teams with 40 participants and has grown to over 200 participants. During our Spring and Fall seasons games are played Mondays and Thursdays at 6PM & 7PM and Saturdays at 10AM and 11AM.

Our Board Members:

Kevin Elliott • Vickie Elliott • Christy Evans • Meagan Johnson • Donna Sullivan • Ronnie Pridgen • Billy Hunt • Kandee Shelor • Leann Bazen

Our Teams

Coaches: Valerie Garner • Jennifer Heyward

Mary Sue Hoch • Andy Fike

Kelly Long • Carey Smith• Becky Blow

Kevin Elliott • Vickie Elliott

Brunson Munn • Kim Munn

Meagan Johnson • Lacey Boswell

Dawn Johnson

Tony Odom • Cathy Odom
Kinsley Poston • Chase Poston

Christy Evans • Anthony Evans

Kandee Shelor • Chris Shelor

Lance Hatchell • Karen Willis

Leann Bazen • Edna Tisdale • Ronnie Pridgen

Ansley Newell • Shannon Wyont • Laurie Poston

Travis Renfrow • Julia Renfrow